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Special Education Policy

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Wuxi No.1 High School Mission Statement



         By encouraging students to be curious, diligent, and reflective learners, The International Department of Wuxi No. 1 High School, aspires to produce citizens who have a global, as well as, local conscience and actualize their potential whilst acting with integrity and respect.  In this regard, the International Department of Wuxi No. 1 High School provides a caring and diverse cultural environment that engages students in a progressive and rewarding learning experience to help them evolve along their journey in education and the world.





   We acknowledge the commitment of International Baccalaureate to the growing field of special educational needs (SEN). We recognize that our students may have a special need related to their Academic Progress, Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties. Thus, through the collaborative and unified effort of the teachers, administrators and other stakeholders of the school we believe that we must meet our student’s needs.


    Every student can learn and every student should be supported. The school will consider admitting students with special needs within the capacity of the school to provide proper facilities and resources. Students can become self sufficient, caring, and reflective members of society and productive members of a global community. Our school believes that all candidates should be allowed to demonstrate their ability under assessment conditions that are fair as possible. This policy applies to candidates affected by a temporary, long term or permanent disability or illness including candidates with learning difficulty.


    This document is designed to provide stakeholders “with information about the arrangements available for candidates with special needs during their preparation of work for assessment and in their written examinations. There is no intention to provide guidance on teaching methodology or resources. Procedures for requesting special arrangements are explained in the Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme, the procedures manual for coordinators and teachers.”





·        Our goal is to ensure that

·        Our Institution adhere to national, state and local laws regarding Special Educational Needs of all students.

·        Ensure that the special needs of our students are identified early, assessed and provided for.

·        The needs and expectations of all the stakeholders (students, parents and teachers) are catered to.

·        Roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders are clearly identified.

·        All students have equal access to the curriculum, which they are entitled.

·        All students in our schools are encouraged, valued and accepted equally, regardless of their ability or behavior.


Implementation of Special Needs Policy


Roles & responsibilities


Responsibilities of School

·        The school will provide guidance to students, parents, and teachers within faculty with special education needs.

·        The school will provide resources, infrastructure and services for the implementation of the Special education needs policy.

·        The school will facilitate the provision of personnel, school guidance counselors, and support facilitators.


Responsibilities of the IB Coordinator


·        The IB coordinator will amend assessment criteria for special education needs.

·        The IB coordinator will coordinate and inform teachers to have empathetic approach toward student with special needs.

·        The IB coordinator will provide special circumstances to students with special needs during exam period with approval from IBO.

· The IB coordinator will maintain discretion and confidence in providing special education services.


Responsibilities of the Faculty

·        The teacher needs to participate all required training or professional development for students with special needs.

·        The teacher needs to create and implement individual learning plans to student with special needs. The classroom teacher will provide differentiate instructions and create an inclusive environment.

·        The teacher will maintain discretion and confidentiality in providing special educational needs.

·        The teacher needs to monitor and assess the progress for special needs students, and provide feedback to school, IB coordinator and parents.

·        The teacher will comply with all federal and local laws regarding to special education needs.


Responsibilities of the Parent

·        Parents need to identify the students with special needs in advance to enrollment.

·        Parents need to be present for the meeting to discuss possible intervention program with center principal, IB coordinators and teachers from varied faculty.

·        Parents should participate and agree with the individual learning plans.

·        Parents need to provide feedback to school to assess the effectiveness of individual learning plan.

·        Parents can ask the school to provide extra help and service for special needs students in a proactive manner.


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